Yahoo! Reawakens the Paid Inclusion Debate

Interesting article on paid inclusion. Naturally, Google doesn't like it, yet Yahoo finds it incredibly valuable to the user. Regardless, if you are going to market via search engines, you can not ignore this channel. The costs are low, the content is relevant and the results work. Marketers across the board are seeing great ROI […]

Is Your Search Marketing Campaign Lopsided?

Good article on what type of demographics click on natural vs. paid listings. Is Your Search Marketing Campaign Lopsided?: Women find paid search advertisements more relevant than men. Of female respondents, 43.1 percent choose a paid search advertisement, where just 34.6 percent of men click on a search ad when asked to choose the most […]

When to Kill a Keyword Listing

When to Kill a Keyword Listing: "Imagine you trade stocks on margin. You'd never buy stock on margin if you weren't convinced transaction earnings would exceed your margin interest. Similarly, some keywords deliver revenue, but at a cost higher than you're willing to pay. Poorly managed listings also have a good chance of resulting in […]

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