LYNN BAN JEWELRY - Provocatively considered. Exquisitely realized. Utterly unapologetic. Jeweler and designer Lynn Ban presents a fine jewelry collection heralding the spirit of modern women. Striking an effortless balance of sensuality and strength, she suggests the dreams of her world within and summons the mysteries of the world beyond. Her singular perspective transforms bold indulgences with subtle sophistication: the unexpected point of contact with the body, the flirtation between light and darkness, the subversive attitude at the source of a profound elegance. Showcased as a work of art, these pieces are the icons of today and the treasures of tomorrow. The Lynn Ban website was designed and developed by one of our key partners, the New Possibilities Group.  Drive Action Digital was brought in to optimize the website for organic search results.  The unique challenge with this project was the delibert lack of content on the site in and effort to establish an illusive personality for the brand.  Additionally, the brand has no interest in appealling to the masses.  Instead, Lynn Ban caters to the elite marketplace which includes celebrities such as Rihanna, Madonna and Beyonce.  Therefore, we wanted to improve the website's visibility when our target audience conducted a search for the jewelry worn by these "A" list celebs. Drive Action Digital implemented a keyword combination strategy and optimized the website accordingly.  We worked closely with Lynn Ban's brand agency JET/MMS and made enormous impact within Google's organic search listings.