At the beginning of 2012, the Westchester Library System (WLS) engaged Drive Action Digital to assist with the creation of social destinations and develop a community among the residents of Westchester County, NY.  Social media is a natural fit for WLS which serves as a central organization for 38 member libraries within the county.  This not for profit organization does a tremendous job assisting the libraries and the community with amazing program for career development, creative aging, book & author events and an extremely robust digital catalog.  Unfortunately, so much of this great work goes unnoticed, and that is why social media was a perfect fit. Over the past 18 months, Drive Action Digital has worked diligently to improved the presence for WLS on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SlideShare.  The community continues to grow at a steady pace and is more engaged everyday.  Our content has reached thousands more Westchester residents and we've only just begun. Additionally, Drive Action Digital provides regular social media training to the staff of the member libraries which in turn allows the libraries to assist their patrons.