I was attracted to the article (link below) mostly due to the title. Something about the new year that makes me feel like I can start fresh and improve on the areas of my life and forget all my past mistakes. I wish it were that simple.

If you are thinking about making 2006 the year you get your act together and leverage search engine marketing, please DON'T start by reading this article. The author sends you right to your log files to see what keywords are driving the most traffic to your site. Chances are, this is a very limited sample and if it isn't then you probably don't have effective search marketing on your news year's to do list.

I would use a few other tools for keyword analysis. In addition to the suggestion tools at the engines themselves, I would look at the searching being done on my site for keyword possibilities. What are users looking for when they get to your site? The rest of the ideas in the article are pretty basic but you won't get much out of this unless you are just starting out. APZ

An SEM Diet for the New Year?