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Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO using holistic methods and best practices!  

Very little in the digital marketing landscape is as much a moving target as search engine optimization (SEO), especially when it comes to Google. The value of 1st page rankings for high volume keywords is enormous. So much so that companies have even been willing to risk being banned from Google just to spend time at #1. This mad scramble for visibility has been the driving force behind the regular updates in the Google algorithm making life very difficult for most brand marketers.

Google has placed “holy” like value on this prime real estate and the focus has always been on delivering the highest quality results for their users. Over the past several years, the emphasis has been placed more and more on visible content. Meaning, success will be achieved when brands deliver valuable content to their users. But what does that mean? How do you define valuable? Experts throughout the SEO industry all have their opinions and only Google really knows the truth, but there seems to be a very prevalent movement toward quality content living in social places. To be more precise, at Drive Action we have seen significant success when our clients’ quality content resides on their site as well as in their social places, is portable and sharable. Essentially, the combination of a well optimized site and an effective social media strategy are a critical marriage for SEO visibility. At Drive Action Digital, we focus on both!

Tasks & deliverables that often accompany this service include:

  • Website Audits
  • Optimization of key aspects of the site such as: Page titles, descriptions, url’s, H1 headers, content
  • Link evaluation and development
  • Keyword research, analysis and selection
  • Tracking of ranking and visibility
  • Content strategy and recommendations
  • Creation, enhancement and integration of social destinations
  • Implementation of portability and share-ability tactics and techniques

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