On this day just 4 short years ago, I made the decision to start Drive Action Digital.  As nonchalant as it is to type that sentence, the decision was far from that easy.  I had just been laid off for the first time in my career.  Being handed my walking papers along with 40+ others was a strange feeling.  I remembered thinking, " did I so something wrong?"

I consider myself blessed to have the support of an amazing network of family and friends around me and rather than wallow in what could have been, I was motivated to seize the opportunity.  Starting your own business is much different when you are pushed into the pool.  I imagine that it would have been harder to quit a high paying job to forge out on your own.  Either way, it was time to start swimming.

I vividly remember paying for the legal formation of the company and while it wasn't, it felt like the only money I had.  My wife and kids weighed in on the name and I was off and running.  Well actually it was more like crawling but no matter how you spin it, I was an entrepreneur and had unknowingly just made one of the best decisions of my life.

I'll spare you the details of the journey (for now), but I will say that my greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that the core values I hold near and dear to my heart are still the driving force of this little company.  Integrity, honesty, accountability and a genuine passion for our business and clients, are actions we exhibit everyday. I am so proud of the team we have assembled and most of all, I am grateful for the amazing clients we work with.

The word "celebrate" in the blog title is a bit of a stretch but we will take time to reflect and appreciate what we've accomplished.  Its only four years… but they have be fun and the best is still to come!  Thank you for following the journey!