How to Cope With SEM Staffing Shortages, Part 1: "If you opt to build an internal team to manage search, you probably won't be able to find one person with all the skills necessary to execute a best-of-breed campaign, even with help from the search engine account staff. "

Yes, this article is written by the CEO of a company that provides search services. And yes, his company as well as mine, will profit from the outsourcing of search. That said, please go ahead and read this article and I am sure you will recognize the issues if you have tried to do search in house. For 3 years I have been saying that it is more than just technology. People make the biggest difference. I even wrote on this a few months ago on my blog Click Here

The shortage of talented search professionals will be growing issue in 2006. Better find that SEM firm before the management fees start rising. APZ