Google Seeks Patent for Targeting Ads on Wi-Fi Hotspots:
“Location-based search, especially for mobile users, has broad implications for content providers and advertisers. Geographically targeting users at such a precise level could benefit local advertisers especially, or those that have products that might be available locally. Marketers could also use profiles of the neighborhood as a basis for targeting ads. “

Geo-targeting is beginning to play a role in more and more of my client’s marketing campaigns. This idea from Google gets the wheels spinning with multiple possibilities. Not only can you geo-target by the access point, having the ability to target someone specifically at a Starbucks or maybe even someone at an airport. This capability really gives you the opportunity to hit primary demographics.

This capability may also encourage more companies to offer free or discounted Wi-Fi. Franchises like McDonald’s and BK should maybe consider creating an atmosphere that encourages customers to hang out more and sit a while. Have that second bag of fries and surf the web.