I read an interesting article today from Mediapost. The writer basically mocked all the SEM firms about how each thinks their technology is better than their competitors. He is totally right! Bid management is bid management. It is a must have in the industry but it is really all the same. I mean really… how much different can your bid change be from my bid change? And the best is watching clients try to figure out who has the best bid management technology.

The article did say one other thing that I believe hits the nail on the head.

"…the best SEM firms live and die on the same value proposition that the best agencies live and die on – the relationships they attain and nurture with their major clients. If you want to find a great SEM, talk to the brands you respect that work with them."

Hire and SEM based on the people working there and you will find your program performing at the level it should. Go with the company with the cool technology presented by the president of the company and you will find yourself on hold waiting for someone to talk to that might understand your business. Good luck…