I thought the analogy to TV with all the cable channels is not a new one but still very possible. I have actually used this analogy myself when referring to the advertising networks accross the web. This marketplace is so far from maturity in my opinion.

The part of the article most interesting to me is the B2B piece. It drives me crazy when I hear B2B companies say things like, " We can't use the web to drive new business in our industry…" Well guess what Mr., be prepared for the day when a more forward thinking competitor comes by and eats your lunch!!!

Search%3A Bigger Means Smaller:

"By smaller I mean I see search fragmenting into specialized niches. Hypersearch growth is channeling into increasingly more specialty and niche search players and opportunities. Just as three TV networks can't satisfy advertiser demand for inventory, or their need to reach very targeted niche audiences, a small number of generalized search engines can't be all things to all advertisers' marketers' or users."