I have started to see the offline impact of a search campaign. Clients with multiple ways to interact with thier customer have a huge advantage on the web and especially when their product has a longer sales cycle such as a large dollar purchase, a financial product and especially a B2B sale.

Are you set up to handle offline business from your search campaign?

The Bricks-and-Mortar Edge in SEM: "Do traditional businesses that use SEM in all the right ways have an edge over pure-play Internet businesses? A brick-and-mortar merchant very possibly has a killer advantage if we consider buyer behavior. Paid-placement SEM may be tailor-made for multi-channel retailers and businesses with both on- and offline presences.

For almost every e-commerce business you can think of, each customer has a preferred way to interact with that business, even if the merchant has several options available. Multi-channel marketers didn't evolve to become leaders in their industries by accident; they listened to their customers' needs and reacted with flexible ways of doing business. By providing catalog, phone, Web, and store access, for example, JC Penney came back from nowhere to become a major online retailing force. Some Internet pure plays now mail catalogs to their best customers. They've evolved into multi-channel marketers."