When to Kill a Keyword Listing:

"Imagine you trade stocks on margin. You'd never buy stock on margin if you weren't convinced transaction earnings would exceed your margin interest. Similarly, some keywords deliver revenue, but at a cost higher than you're willing to pay. Poorly managed listings also have a good chance of resulting in a loss. These dog keyword listings don't belong in your portfolio."

This is just a small clip of the article but it really nails my personal belief on how to run an effective paid placement program. If you manage your entire keyword list based on how it performs collectively, all you are doing is taking the easy way out. With statistical data available real time on a keyword basis, why not have every keyword in your program set at the level of positive ROI. OK, I'll buy the time issue… wait, no I won't!!! There are plenty of other choices. When you chose a financial planner, you must weigh the cost vs. benefit of their expertise. If it will result in an overall greater ROI, then you hire him. But how do you know what the results will be.

Time to take the plunge and get some help!!!