Why You Don’t Rank on Search Engines:
“‘Why would anyone want to link to my site?’ Be brutal. Write down as many reasons as you can about why other sites should link to you. If you can’t convince yourself another site would want to link to you, you seriously need to question what your value proposition is and how your site promotes it (or not, as the case may be).”

As someone responsible for bringing in new business, I find myself conflicted when sitting in front of a prospect who is telling me that they want to rank high in the search engines. This article is really spot on! What do you have on your site that would make someone want to link to you? Just because you sell more widgets than the next company is not compelling. Not only that, it is not a web strategy either. Why don’t more organizations build their web sites to contain the same type of information that we all want to find when we surf the web?