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Social Media vs. Email Marketing

I have often said that eMail newsletters will eventually be replaced by company blogs. While that has not yet happened to the extent I thought it would, I definitely do see the trend moving over to social media in the form of company FaceBook, LinkedIn & Twitter pages. The reason for this should be clear […]

The Evolution of the Sales Person

Collectively, sales people are often victims of our own behavior. The barrier to entry to become a sales person is often low because companies can place a significant portion of compensation tied to performance. Employers can take a chance on sales people hoping to find that diamond in the rough. As a result, most sales […]

Let’s Get Local

Google Seeks Patent for Targeting Ads on Wi-Fi Hotspots: “Location-based search, especially for mobile users, has broad implications for content providers and advertisers. Geographically targeting users at such a precise level could benefit local advertisers especially, or those that have products that might be available locally. Marketers could also use profiles of the neighborhood as […]

Why You Don’t Rank on Search Engines

Why You Don’t Rank on Search Engines

Why You Don’t Rank on Search Engines: “‘Why would anyone want to link to my site?’ Be brutal. Write down as many reasons as you can about why other sites should link to you. If you can’t convince yourself another site would want to link to you, you seriously need to question what your value […]

An SEM Diet for the New Year?

I was attracted to the article (link below) mostly due to the title. Something about the new year that makes me feel like I can start fresh and improve on the areas of my life and forget all my past...

Click To Call

Click To Call

Well I guess it was only a matter of time before Google got into this game. Many of my clients are realizing the power of adding an 800# to the landing page from paid search ads. The key, of course,...

The Pendulum Theory

At some point in my sales career I was introduced to “The Pendulum Theory”. It is a vicious cycle that most sales people fall victim too. The concept is significantly easier to...